1 series Ugly 5 season show

Episode 1 Season 5 Beauty and the Geek 2009 Cinderella

Arriving at the show botanists and beauties were different from the standard.

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ботаники 5 сезона на старте шоу

Botanists are greeted in the hangar aircraft with beauties. Effective yield ramp women's team five seasons of the show.

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A short reception on the tables at the ramp of the aircraft, for the meeting.

bassein (1)
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Evening flirting poolside.

Getting jobs. The game started outside the box.

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zadanie (1)
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The division in the early stages of the game by gender. A team of boys against girls team. Cheek Freaks against. Bees against honey!

durnyshki (5)
durnyshki (8)
durnyshki (9)

Competition for durnushek beauties. Without makeup, clothing - unfashionable cloth without hairstyles and jewelry.

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durnyshki (4)

The task force = unfamiliar guys to buy a cocktail party. The task is not easy, there were a number of conventional beauty - rival.

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None of the guests did not know about the ugly contest. Terrible experience and expertise in the skin beauty botanists passed.

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durnyshki (18)

Belle called 5 guys for room expulsions.

durnyshki (22)
ponatie (2)
otsev (2)

John lost the quiz dropouts and left the project by 1 point.

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красотки 5 сезона шоу Чики и Фрики